What is SmyBux?

It is a website that allows its users to earn money online in a pleasant and easy way. The website is available in several language versions. Our task is to enable users the highest earnings possible, while connecting them with advertisers, which are potential customers.
Website membership is completely free - you do not need anything except your email address to start making money with us.

How much can I earn and how?

Like everywhere, the amount of earnings is proportional to the amount of work. The first and easiest way to make money is to watch ads. Potential earnings from watching ads can be checked out below. We also offer the possibility of earning money for easy or more difficult tasks, AdGrid game, participation in competitions on the website or also for referring our service.

Your own clicks Standard Premium Ultimate
Extended Ad $0.015 0.020 $0.020
Standard Ad $0.010 $0.010 $0.020
Daily Ad $0.010 $0.010 $0.020
Mini Ad $0.005 $0.005 $0.005
Micro Ad $0.001 $0.001 $0.001
Fixed Ad $0.001 $0.001 $0.001
Who are the referrals and how can I recommend the website?

Referral is a person who registers on the website because of your recommendation. If you show everyday activity (minimum 4 viewed ads), you will receive a commission for your referral earnings.

Direct Referrals Commission Standard Premium Ultimate
Extended Ad $0.010 $0.010 $0.010
Standard Ad $0.005 $0.010 $0.010
Daily Ad $0.0005 $0.005 $0.010
Rented Referrals Commission Standard Premium Ultimate
Extended Ad $0.010 $0.020 $0.020
Standard Ad $0.005 $0.010 $0.010
Daily Ad $0.005 $0.010 $0.010

You can also hire a referral to work for you. It is very simple - just visit the subpage and choose a package of referrals to hire. The hiring period is 30 days, which may be extended. The longer the hiring period of a referral is, the lower the price and thus, greater profit potential.

Look at the table below to see the prices for hiring referrals.

  Montly price Autopay price
0 - 250 $0.2 $0.0057
251 - 500 $0.21 $0.0060
501 - 750 $0.22 $0.0062
751 - 1000 $0.23 $0.0065
1001 - 1250 $0.24 $0.0068
1251 - 1500 $0.25 $0.0071
1501 - 1750 $0.26 $0.0074
more than 1750 $0.27 $0.0077

To effectively earn money for referrals, you need to develop your strategy. Such strategy may be extending referrals because they bring discounts with them.

The second way is to use the AutoPay option. It is automatic extension of the referral hiring period by one day if the referral showed activity in the given day. In order for AutoPay to work, the user must have enough funds on the Purchase Balance account. If there will be no funds, the AutoPay won’t work. Also keep in mind that AutoPay will only work in relation to referrals, which hiring period is not less than the number of days specified in the terms of its membership type. Savings from the use of Autopay option may be even 15%.

One option for easy management of hired referrals is AutoRenew function. It is an automatic option for extending referrals hiring period. In this function, we set the number of days left for the hiring period to expire (when the function is meant to activate), and for how long the referral is meant to be extended. During the extension, the same discounts are present as in manual extension of the hiring period. Note, however, that the number of attempts of AutoRenew function for one referral is 2. If the user will not have funds in his account 2 times when AutoRenew function activates, referral will be marked and AutoRenew function will not work on him anymore. It may happen that your referral doesn’t show activity. Do not worry. We will replace it automatically taking into account the number of days specified in terms of its membership. If you wish not to wait, you can replace it yourself for as little as $0.06.

Can I use my phone or tablet?

Naturally, SmyBux is a modern website which allows watching ads on devices other than the computer. What’s more, the website is fully adapted for mobile devices so regardless of whether you are using a tablet, phone or computer it will always work and look good.

When and how will I receive my money?

We pay money automatically (immediately) to the account specified in the terms of the website.

I wish my family and friends could also earn money with you.

Be our guest! However, note that one IP address and one computer can only be used by one person. It is not allowed to use the same computer for more than one account; such people will be, unfortunately, immediately suspended.

I would like to advertise on your website.

Excellent! Just a few clicks are needed to register on the site, top up your advertising account (several payment gateways can be chosen) and start advertising. We have several kinds of ads in the program to choose from and convenient control and management panels for ads. We also offer advanced options for targeting advertises, not only for countries but also for the regions and cities of a chosen country.

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